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Shiny Happy Man

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That's great news for the Jap consumers. I have recently (in fact yesterday) gave up on Blackberry Bold and bought , the second time, the exquisite Nokia E71. Excepting the camera is very very shitty (maybe as N70's) it is a wonderful, powerful and good-looking device. A bird told me that Blackberry Connect will be finally available for E71, so, the world is mine:-).

What other Nokias can you find in Japanese shops? and how big is their market there? I'm curious as hell.


Be careful how you use the word jap, it might be misunderstood as an insulting term, better to just say Japanese. Yes the E71 is a great looking, powerful device, and the N82 has the best camera out there as you probably know.

As for what Nokia's you can find in Japanese shops. The 6630, 6680, N71, N73, E61, N95, and now the N82 have all crossed Softbank's shelves or are currently available. For Docomo the 6630, NM705i, and NM706i have been or are currently available. As for market share, I don't know exact figures but Japan is a tough market, very competitive with the local Japanese mobile manufacturers, but Nokia keeps competing!

Shiny Happy Man

Sorry about that , I'm not a native English speaker so I presumed the short word is OK:-(.

Yes, the Nokia roster is kinda small as I saw now at Nokia. Co.Jp website.

Which are the phones the majority of people are using? Is the market very segmentated?

Anyway good news with N82 and E71!



No problem, I didn't think you meant any offense when you said it.

The style that the majority of Japanese users have are clamshell flip mobiles, and slide mobiles similar to N95 are becoming popular. The Japanese market has been very operator controlled for a long time but that is slowly changing to a more open market, most customers get their mobiles subsidized from their operator, similar to the US market.

Shiny Happy Man

Ooops I see, that's the explanation for market shares in USA/Japan. I thought that a new mid-range NOK roadmap can be competitive, but it seems that japanese people love their wonderful expensive high-tech toys! Let's hope that the 279 eur priced 5800 will be released over there. Thanks for your answers!


I thought the Japanese already had the phone for sale. Well, better late than never. 


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